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Professional   Certified Master Tarot Card  Reader,  Certified Reiki Practitioner,   Certified Paranormal Investigator,   Certified Fairyologist,  Psychic,  Empath


Kristen  She has the ability to pick up on energies,and abstract information hidden by the normal 5 senses. She has always been intrigued with the paranormal and  sensitive to  people's energies ,but following a near death experience she has realized  her  various amazing psychic abilities .   Among many of  Kristen's  gifts that she has , In particular she has grown a great interest in Tarot cards.      Performing tarot card readings professionally  is something she enjoys doing , and also in her personal life as well.    Know that distance  or objects  are never  a barrier for her that It would not effect the accuracy of your reading.      She is quite  gifted,caring,and professional.                                                                                         Readings are accurate & insightful.   

                  * Why wonder, when you can know!  *                                                                                    







Kristen studied at Thomas Francis University, she has advanced extensive knoweledge in Metaphysical psychology, parapsychology,and standard psychology. Trained by Doreen Virtue (a world renowned clairavoyant seen on Oprah,The View, and CNN) for Certified Fairyologist,  Member of The American Tarot Association,   Member of Para Nexus Anomalous Research Association   ,Member of the Rhine Research Center, Founder and active member  of  The Haunted Society For Paranormal Research.                                                                                                  Ever After has been seen in Spirituality & Health Magazine summer 2017 issue.    




Click the link below to find Kristen listed as a Certified Fairyologist Graduate


                    As Seen In Spirituality & Health Magazine        

                                      summer issue 2017












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