Pink Feathers

A Divine, Passionate Gift for Helping Lovely People Like You

Hi there! I’m Sarah! :D So happy to have you on my site, gorgeous soul. I am a very gifted psychic medium/channeler/tarot reader who works with many different beautiful, powerfully Loving and Helpful beings from other times and dimensions.

You can find me on...

TikTok: bitesizedtarot

YouTube: Tarot Ever After

Instagram (although I may rarely, if ever, post there): taroteverafter

Twitter (although I may never post there): taroteverafter

I would love to have you join any and all of the sacred safe space communities I am lovingly building on my platforms.

For years, I have deep-dived into studying such esoteric and metaphysical practices as tarot, different fields of spirituality, and energy healing such as reiki healing and color healing. (Come back in the future for when I offer reiki healing and color healing options! Currently not offering those modalities to the general public right now, but if you want either of those, contact me and we can discuss a price.)

I am a kind, passionate, fun, and deeply connected person who loves helping people reach the highest version of their self. \^_^/ We may laugh together, cry together, embrace each other's "crazy," haha it will be an adventure for sure! I love and care for you, soul. If you book a session with me, it means we were meant to be in each other's paths for a reason, and your presence helps me as much as I help you.

I am lightworker healer, which means helping YOU heal, not FIXING you. I'll say it again: remember that I am only HELPING progress on your path to full healing and mastery of self, not doing it for you. All the power to true self-discovery and self-creation belongs to YOU.

By booking a session with me, you are taking a step toward personal development, or maybe you just want it for entertainment purposes. Whatever this means to you, I am honored to be a person on your Divine path of this grand journey called life!

Namaste, and blessed be. Now may the fairies and unicorns dance around your head, sprinkling you with sweet rainbow glitter!

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