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Please read all of the following before booking.
I am SOOO excited to join you in your journey! Thank you for choosing me. Here are the answers to some questions you may be wondering about...
What can the reading be about?
Anything you want! Keep in mind that deeper questions get deeper answers. You can ask for a vague category, but the more direct, the better.
Just some examples of topics to dive into... Love, career, family, Shadow Work, manifestation blockages, general energy around you, and so on. You can also choose not to ask a question and I will channel whatever messages come through for you.
I am also practicing my mediumship abilities and can try my best to channel a specific spirit/deceased loved one for you, but it's not guaranteed they will come through. So, perhaps don't book a reading ONLY to reach a loved one, in case I'm unable to reach them, I would hate for you to feel your money was wasted if that's all you paid for and the loved one chose not to come through (because not all spirits want to be a part of a tarot reading haha but I can definitely try my best!).
How does this reading work?
We will have a brief consultation via email beforehand. You will email me the topics/questions you want answered, and anything I need to know (names/pronouns of you or anyone important in the reading. Zodiac signs are option to tell me). Make sure to check that my emails don't end up in your Spam folder.
After paying for the reading, you will email me at sarah@taroteverafter.com 
I will try my best to make sure I reply within 2 business days of your email. If more than 2 days have passed and you have not heard back from me, there's a chance I somehow didn't get your email. If that's the case, then please find me on Instagram at taroteverafter (all one word, same picture on there as my logo of me on here) and DM me.
Before I even begin the reading, I do a meditation to connect myself more fully and to already start channeling any messages or vibes I may have for you before my hands even touch the cards. Then, I dive right in with you! I use tarot cards and oracle cards, whatever I feel called to pull for you; I don't make it a minimum or maximum amount of cards. I may also use the astro dice or a pendulum, or any other channeling devices (you can request if you have a specific deck(s) you want me to use, or dice or the pendulum, too).
To me, tarot is a story of energy, of where you currently are, why that is, and where you're headed if you keep going on the same energetic path you're following. How fun for us to explore this path together and help you navigate or avoid any bumps that could be in the road toward where you want to be headed!
Also: sometimes, Spirit comes in hot and has LOTS to say; if this is the case and I end up going over the minutes you paid for, you will not be charged the additional minutes, don't worry, haha.
How will you receive the reading?
There are two options. I can either:
1) I will film your reading and then email it to you in a private YouTube link only the two of us will have access to. All readings are kept completely confidential on my end.
Or, 2) Over email, we will arrange a set date and time to have a Zoom call. The reading will then take place over the Zoom call. All readings are kept completely confidential on my end.
Before booking a reading, please read the 'Disclaimer' section on my website. Thank you.
Thank you so much! :D I am excited to get to explore these psychic realms with you and any spirit guides who wish to come through.

Tarot: 45 mins

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  • For video files: you can expect to receive your reading in 3-5 business days from when you buy it.

    All tarot readings involve the use of tarot cards and oracle cards. Sometimes, astro dice, pendulum, or other divination tools will also be used.

  • For video orders

    There are no refunds once the video has been filmed. However, if we have an email consultation and you decide within that before I start the reading that you no longer want to do it, I can refund you before I film the video.

    For Zoom orders

    There are no refunds once the date and time have been set for the appointment (we will figure out the date/time together through email consultation). I allow ONE rescheduling after we set the date and time. Please let me know at least 24 hours beforehand if you have to reschedule. If it is a day-of emergency, please try if you can to let me know within an hour or 45 mins before the reading, because 30 mins before the reading, I start preparing myself (meditation and such) for our session.