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I will either record the session and send it to you via a video or audio file, or we will schedule a Zoom call for it (recorded if you would like so you can keep the meditation to use more than once if you’d like). Before the meditation, we will have had a consultation over email.
I will Divinely channel a guided meditation for you over whichever topic you want. Messages from your Spirit Guides may come through, as well. The meditation will last at least 30 mins and will include the use of a sound bowl if you would like. This will be a special, private meditation that only you will have access to. Great for manifesting, releasing blockages, and connecting with your Higher Self.

Custom Channeled Meditation: 30 mins

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  • I will send you the guided meditation as a video or audio file, which you can keep forever. Or we can have it over Zoom if you want to hear it unfolding in real time.

  • During our email consultation, if you decide you no longer want this product, I will refund you. However, once we book the Zoom session or once I film the audio/video file, I do not give refunds.